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Upgraded 2000Pa Strong Suction, Mopping, Multi-Cleaning Modes, 160 mins Runtime

( 6 Reviews )

"Upgraded 2000Pa Strong Suction

Smart App & Voice Control

Water Tank Included

Super-Slim & Quiet Cleaning




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    Intelligent Wet-Dry Mopping System

    Integrated suction, sweeping and mopping in one go. The Deenkee app supports 3 levels of precise water control for your different mopping need. The large 300ml water tank can cover over1,291sq. ft. of mopping.

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    Gyroscope Navigation

    Deenkee vacuum and mop Robotic Vacuum Smart gyroscope navigation technology navigating in "S" paths provides double efficiency as well as twice as fast cleanings compared to standard robot vacuum cleaners.

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    AutoBoost Technology

    The DEENKEE flat vacuum robot automatically increases suction power on carpets for deeper cleaning, and switches back to normal suction power level on hard surfaces to minimize energy consumption.

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    Anti-Collision Sensors

    There are multiple groups of infrared sensors on deenkee robotic vacuum body, which makes it smartly identify obstacles and prevent collision and dropping.

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  • Product Name

    Deenkee DK650

  • Color


  • Max Runtime

    2 hours and 40 minutes

  • Capacity


  • Suction


  • Charge Time

    5-6 hours

  • Battery Type

    DC14.4V Li-ion 2500mAh

  • Input


  • Product weight


  • Product Size

    35 x 35 x 6.9 cm



Has anyone successfully connected DEENKEE App or Alexa?

Yes,our robot vacuum can absolutely connected DEENKEE App and Alexa quickly.


Is this robot vacuum cleaner able to mop the floors as well?

Yes, and the water tank is included in the package.


How will I prevent it trapped under furniture?

It depends how low your furniture is. The height of the device is 2.6inch.


Can the DK650 be scheduled to clean at a specific time?

Yes, it is allowed to be set via APP, which has a schedule button which can set the time of cleaning for your varing need.


Can I use the app over the internet to start the hover cleaning if im not at home?

Yes. The app will allow you to send it home, start cleaning and choose a mode, also show you its current state (cleaning, charging, etc).




( 6 Reviews )

Amazing vacuum cleaner

SED377 05-22-2021


Totally worth it. I was thinking long time about to purchase vacuum cleaner, because off cats hair. I didn't believe it will be good, but these is absolutely awesome. It is take all the hair from the floor and dust and also cat litter. I had always messy floor in hallway, but now is clean and I don't walk over cat litter is nicely clean and it is pick up also bigger pieces like cat food. It is easy to use and with the contlore you can send these vacuum cleaner where you want if you don't want to use autocleaning for all your area. I did try mopping floor with it and I was impressed hot well is work. You can set it time when you want to clean your house and it will just run when you are not home or in night. It is quite not like normal noise hoovers. These is number one vacuum cleaner with mopping obsion. You can connect to Alexa or you can just use it remote control or your phone. Since we have baby I don't have to much time and these is really time saver keeps the floor nice and clean. It is map your house and do perfect job. When I start using it it find the way around all house I didn't need to program anything just plug it in to wall the charging station and pres autocleaning. It's come fully charged what was good because I just took it from the box and started. When it's done with vacuuming or mopping then find his way back to charging station and sit there till next program cleaning or you can just send it when you want it to do the work. I can't believe I didn't buy it erlier. Really love it. Will probably buy one for my sister in law

Smart Robot Vacuum - Cleaning was never this easy !!

UKBoy 05-20-2021


"This Robot Vacuum is a brilliant upgrade to the old styled vacuum cleaner we had which really needed an upgrade. Well, we had perhaps the first model of smart robot vacs which were very basic versions which can be controlled via remote and did a decent job for last year or so. However, with time its performance was degraded and in last couple of months we did not use it as it stopped working. When decided to buy a new one - we did bit of research and then purchased this one. Its been few days we have been using it and well, I can clearly see the difference and would highly recommend this vac if you are looking for a smarter version of vacs. Arrived via prime delivery in a nicely packaged box and out of the box could clearly see its a high quality make which was presented very nice and in a professional way. Initially it requires few minutes of one off set-up and then I also integrated this with amazon alexa. Its a great feeling to control it over voice command and also schedule for automatic cleaning tasks. Very nice vac which works great on carpets and wooden floors combination we have at home. Single charge works for almost 3 to 4 cleaning sessions in my case which is very nice. Not only a vac but also Mop makes it a great value for money and water tank and cleaning mop cloth included in the kit. Overall very pleased with it and great upgrade. Highly recommended."

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