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6 in 1 Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner 18KPa 250W Powerful Cleaning Lightweight Vacuum

( 6 Reviews )

35mins Long-lasting Battery

Lighting With LED Design

Cleaning Brush


Washable Cotton Filter



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DEENKEE 6 In 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful Vacuum - Make Your Life More Easier Ensure that your interiors enjoy a thorough sweep with the help of DEENKEE DS100 Cordless Vaccums Cleaner. It features a rechargeable battery that provides up to 35 minutes working time with its 18Kpa super strong suction. Flexible and ergonomic design makes it easy to switch on and off to adapt to the needs of different types of floors. It also can be converted into a handheld unit when necessary.

    Cord-free and hassle-free for easy cleaning 6 In 1 converts to handheld or stick vacuum Two power modes adapt to different types Up to 35 minutes continuous runtime Flexible & LED head can reach any corner Wall mount for charging and storage

About Deenkee Deenkee is a manufacturer that specializes in vacuums cleaner. We aim at providing consumers the higher qualified products and service at a more reasonable offer. Package Includes: 1 x Cordless vacuum 2 x Multi-tasker brush 1 x Crevice nozzle 2 x Washable filter 1 x Charging adapter 1 x Wall Mount 1 x User manual

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    Easy To Pick Up Any Dust

    Deenkee 6 in 1 cordless stick vacuum is designed for efficiently cleaning dirt/debris/hair embedded in low-med pile carpet, from keyboard to car seat ; the strong suction can remove fine dust on hard floors like hardwood.

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    Clean From Floor to Ceiling

    Our vacuum can be freely converted between stick or handheld, which offers you an easy cleaning no matter for floor, corner to ceiling. It equipped with three extra cleaning brush to adapt all types of cleaning task when necessary.

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    Flexible and Led Brush Head

    The brush head of this cordless vacuum is flexible at both direction and 180+90 degrees . Full flexible to ease your wrist. Equipped with a full-size LED floor brush lamp, it is much easier to find and reach the dust,food residue,pet hair, etc.

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    Lightweight & Ergonomic

    3.7 lbs main body makes you easy to clean up high, down low and everywhere in between. Ergonomic design lets you smoothly move it all the way back and forth, left and right(whether for child or the old).

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    18Kpa Powerful & 35 Min

    Equipped with 250W strong digital motor, this vacuum provides a 18Kpa powerful suction in MAX mode with 20mins runtime and 10Kpa low mode in 35mins runtime to complete a thorough cleaning for all types of tasks.

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    One-Touch Empty Dustbin

    This vacuum has 0.55L large capacity dust cup without leakage, which is sufficient for several room and car cleanings. Just hold the handle with one hand and tap the red button to empty debris without smearing your hands.

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    Extra & Washable Filter

    Our vacuum equipped with an extra filter for alternation. And 4x filtration system can lock 99.99% of microscopic dust. The whole dustbin is detachable and washable. Make sure the filter is completely dry before installation.

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    Wall Mount & Space Saving

    Built-in a 6x2200mAh large-capacity lithium-ion battery for 4.5 hours of full charge, and last long enough for cleaning the whole house. Adapter is integrated with the wall mount, which is convenient for charging and storage.

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  • Product Dimensions

    40.94 x 9.45 x 8.31 inches

  • Item Weight

    2.98 pounds

  • Manufacturer


  • Batteries

    1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

  • Specific Uses For Product

    Hard floor, Carpet, Dual action

  • Batteries Required


  • Included Components

    Smart LED front light



How long does it take to charge the battery?

About 3-5 hours


Does this vacuum cleaner have a manufacturer warranty?

yes, they said the vacuum has a year warranty


Can hair suck? I have three daughters.

Depends. I'd swear someone is sucking hair out of the top of my head every night. Every morning I find less. And yes, it sucks not having hair.


Can the battery be replaced if it is defective?

Yes, the battery is replaceable.


Is there a way to contact the company to find out the details for the warranty with this vacuum?

Hi, you can contact us through the email


Does this vacuum work good for get pet hair, human hair and dust off hardwood floor?

It does good on getting the human hair and dust but I don’t know about the pet because I don’t have a pet.


DS100 User Manual .pdf


( 6 Reviews )

Maneuvers well, good suction and CORDLESS!!

Rahani 07-07-2020


Nothing like having a cordless vacuum... I had been using my rocket cord vacuum for years and it’s lasted me awhile but the cord is just not reliable or convenient! I have a 1450 sq ft home and having to constantly unplug and plug in every time I reach an area it didn’t reach is so humbug so I gave in and started by search, I didn’t want to spend money on a brand name one if I could find one of equivalence, this one has all the features I was needing such as an attachment to make it more handheld... an upright is fine but at times I only needed to vacuum small area, my rocket could not do this so I went ahead and took a chance. Arrived and I assembled it, it didn’t take long, it was self explanatory and easy! I was able to turn it on without charging it however I charged it anyway since I wasn’t sure how charged it was... The size is comparable to my other, slightly smaller but also more lightweight. It has a variety of attachments that will come in handy. I’ve been using this 7 days a week to clean up after grandkids, day care kids and my pets! Suction power is great, maneuvering it around edges and corners is smooth and effortless, the wheels glide well and can transition from hardwood, to padded crawl mats and my area rug without a fuss! I can even get under my coffee table and bed frame with ease, it can angle flat and the slime designs allows it to fit in tight areas! So far I have had no problems using this vacuum, I am much more happier when vacuuming... no more holding cords, flicking cords out the way or looking back at an outlet to see how much more room I can vacuum without it popping out!! I no longer have to yell my kids names to plug it back in!!!!! There is nothing better than convenience!! I can vacuum my whole home on a single charge!! Even tho I vacuum fast it sucks up fairly well!! Like with all vacuums hair will tangle around the brush and decrease suction, I have long butt length hair so I’m constantly having to clean the brushes which was expected cause I’ve had to do it with other vacuums in my life time... it’s not hard to do, but it helps maintain the life of your vacuum so I suggest doing weekly cleaning of the filter & roller brush.... anyhow I am very pleased with this vacuum, if anything shall change I’ll be sure to update it here!! Hope this helped!

Life changing

VuuFam 06-17-2020


We bought this cordless vacuum to replace out big bulky 10 year old dyson. Decided to go with something that was easier to use and light weight. We love a lot of features on this vacuum. First, it is cordless, which makes it so much easier to use and spot clean if needed. Second, we can just hand on its charging station when not in use. Third, it is light weight and easy to use. Suction is good for its size. The box does include a few short attachments for other cleaning projects. Over all, I recommend this to everyone that is looking to get rid of their old cord vacuums.

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